16 June 2012

Challenges that we faced in LucidLims

We have faced quite a few challenges in this project. the technical problems that we faced and solutions that we found are:-
  1. when deleting rows from JTable or a vector in a loop always it has to start in a decremental order that means  if there are 10 rows in a table the loop should be "for(int i=10;i>=0;i--)". this is because in a vector or a table when you delete a record the vector shrinks to one size in its length. so always we have to start the loop in decremental order.
  2. to make the JTable non editable we have to override the Model's "isCellEditable" and return false for that method so that the entire JTable will be non editable.

04 June 2012

Lucid Lims first phase completed

Today I have completed the first phase of lucid lims. I am very happy to work on this project. Faced lot of challenges but completed successfully. I have learnt so many things in this project especially on swings. very exiting to work with swings. soon i will be documenting the challenges and solutions that i found in creating lims.